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Dispute Resolution for Public Managers


Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

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Neil Katz, Ph.D., a faculty in the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies in the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences and the Guy Harvey Oceanographic Research Center and three doctoral students facilitated a workshop entitled, “Dispute Resolution for Public Managers." The workshop was presented in June via Zoom for 28 active military and U.S. Department of State civilians from across the US and Europe. The workshop was designed to assist Defense Comptrollers transition to leadership positions and enhance their competencies in emotional intelligence, interpersonal conflict resolution, negotiation, workplace mediation and multi-party public disputes. The doctoral students included Crystal Chavis, Angelica Coronel, and Joanna Winters. Katz teaches courses in Human Factors, Negotiation, and several electives in organizational conflict and covert and overt group dynamics.

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