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Sankofa: The Record Extends

Event Name

Sankofa: For The Record

Event Location

Arts Warehouse, Delray Beach, FL


Department of Performing and Visual Arts

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Presentation Date


Date Range:

2019-08-02 to 2019-08-31


Curated by Allison Bolah and Khaulah Naima Nuruddin.

“Sankofa” is the Akan principal of looking to the past and taking what’s useful to move forward. Sankofa: For The Record was first on view at the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum in Delray Beach in the summer of 2019. The Exhibition depicted history re-written, re-interpreted, and re-examined through the work of local artists.

At Arts Warehouse, The Record extends – bringing the theme and new artists to a different space. Sankofa: The Record extends asks the viewer to consider the diverse methods Contemporary artists use to share their experiences, ruminations, observations, and perspectives. Working across a variety of traditional and new media, the artists in this exhibition explore themes of home as a space of security, personal and public memory, the individual and environments, and the effects of social manipulation.

Allison Bolah, Laura Bustamante, Yanira Collado, Jaynilee Hernández Fernández, Katiana Jarbath, Kandy G. Lopez, Niki Lopez, Carol-Anne McFarlane, Khaulah Naima Nuruddin, Chastity Pascoe.