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America 2016

Event Name

Concrete & Adrift: On the Poverty Line

Event Location

Alexandria Museum of Art, Louisiana


Department of Performing and Visual Arts

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Date Range:

2019-03-01 to 2019-06-22


2016, collage & string

This piece illustrates the power and lack thereof of the poor communities within South Florida, specifically Liberty City and Opa Locka. Growing up around thee areas and observin the disproportionate funding of these neighborhoods in comparison to South Beach and the other tourist locations has created a barrier, for me, in terms of what's REAL Miami. I would like my work to showcase the authentic and sometimes nostalgic view of a "thriving" city.

I want my images to help educate, communicate, and foster uncomfortable topics that we seem to look past or avoid in our multi-cultural society. Representing individuals within poor communities in the US, these portraits help me, as an Afro-Dominican American, come to terms with the way I too have adopted and performed identities of survival.

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