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Online Professor, Prepare Yourself! Students, Are You Out There?

Event Name

The Qualitative Report 10th Annual Conference

Event Location

Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida, USA


Department of Conflict Resolution Studies

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Date Range:

2019-01-16 to 2019-01-18


This session will appeal to those interested in teaching qualitative research methods using an online learning platform. How can we engage our students without ever actually meeting them? How do we make sense of our role as professor while staring at words on a computer screen? Alas! We are qualitative researchers, we love personal interaction! Teaching online creates a peculiar contradiction for us. We are adverse to flat, text based exchanges. We yearn for interaction, dialogue, and connection! Is our positionality different in an online classroom? Is it still our quest to impart our students with our expert knowledge and form meaningful academic relationships, or are we mere guides through a fabricated textual maze? We will share tales of woe and success while on our journeys to become effective online qualitative research professors. We will reflect on instructional strategies, online tools, and feedback loops that we have used in our quest to meet our students’ learning needs while simultaneously addressing course objectives. We will help you envision the myriad possibilities available to you to create a rich, deep, meaningful online classroom within which your students will become qualitative researchers.

Proceedings Title

The Qualitative Report 10th Annual Conference