Publication Date

Winter 4-10-2024


Comparative Genomics, Anti-fungal, Streptomyces, Antimicrobial metabolites, Biosynthetic gene clusters


Streptomyces are filamentous, Gram-positive bacteria in the phylum Actinobacteria that are known to produce a diverse array of antimicrobial metabolites. A bacterial isolate, labeled Streptomyces murinus strain SPC1, recovered in Davie, FL, from ripe berries of foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) exhibited antimicrobial activity against fungal pathogens of palms (Dhillon and Chakrabarti 2023). Interestingly, the genome of Streptomyces strain SPC1 contains a complete secondary metabolite cluster for antifungal metabolite pentamycin (fungichromin) biosynthesis. Secondary metabolite clusters (SMCs) or biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs) are groups of genes responsible for the production of bioactive compounds, such as antibacterial and
antifungal agents. In this study, we will use comparative genomics to study the conservation of BGCs across multiple Streptomyces murinus strains to identify antifungal metabolites using Streptomyces murinus strain SPC1 as the reference genome. We will use a specialized tool, antiSMASH, to identify and annotate the BGC associated with pentamycin and analyze their conservation across different Streptomyces murinus strains by specifically looking for shared gene content, order, and presence of regulatory elements. This will be followed by a phylogenetic analysis to understand the evolutionary relationships between the Streptomyces strains with conserved pentamycin biosynthetic clusters. This study will generate valuable insights into understanding the evolution, adaptation, and genetic pathways involved in secondary metabolite production.

This Research has been presented

Presented at Undergraduate Student Research Symposium USS 2024 at NSU Florida- April 3-4 2024.



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