Introduction to Bioinformatics Reports

Welcome to the 'Bioinformatics Reports' Page at NSUWorks. This site is created to showcase undergraduate research in Bioinformatics primarily conducted by students enrolled in the Practicum I & II courses (BIOL 4960 Bioinformatic Methods I; BIOL 4961 Bioinformatic Methods II) and Independent Study in Bioinformatics BIOL 4990. These courses are taught by the by the NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences faculty member, Dr. Navi Gill in the Department of Biological Sciences, and are offered every Fall and Winter semester. 

The topics of research will include (but not limited to):

Genomics and Bioinformatics

Genome and Gene Evolution

Comparative Genomics 

Multi-omics data integration using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Transposable Elements

Genome Structure and Function

Gene Regulation

Stress responsive gene expression

Epigenetic Modifications

Some of the work published here may also have been presented at various undergraduate research annual meetings as noted and accompanied by abstracts in that case.


Submissions from 2024


Identification of Regulatory Roles for Stress Responsive Transposable Elements in Rice, Jenna M. Handal, Paul Lup, Emalynn E. Tobias, Andy Pereira, and Navdeep Gill


Comparative Genomics Across Multiple Streptomyces murinus strains to identify Antifungal Metabolites using Streptomyces murinus strain SPC1 as the Reference Genome, Vamsi Korisapati, Dhivyan Kurani, Sathvi Gandra, Sheril Mathew, Rebecca Thomas, Niah Johnson, Braham Dhillon, and Navdeep Gill


Conserved Domains in Promoters of Differentially Expressed Genes Under High Night Temperature Stress in Rice: How to Find Them and What Can They Tell Us?, Emalynn Tobias, Jenna M. Handal, Paul Lup, Michael Egozi, Braham Dhillon, Andy Pereira, and Navdeep Gill


Evolution of Sequencing Technologies and Implications for Transposon Research, Renita Varghese, Jasneen Meghadri, Jennifer Pulido-Luis, and Navdeep Gill