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Prenatal supplementation plays a critical role in supporting a healthy pregnancy and lowering the risk of developmental problems in children. Many expecting mothers do not consume the recommended amounts of such vitamins or any at all. This study aims to identify and understand the factors that contribute to prenatal vitamin adherence amongst women at the Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center located in Sarasota, Florida. Paper-based questionnaires were administered to all willing participants to assess the current adherence of women to prenatal supplementation and discover the reasonings for such decisions. The primary contributors to adherence to prenatal vitamins were related to a consistent medication routine and the positive health impacts for the mother and child. Prenatal knowledge was indicated to be strongly derived from healthcare visits and family/friend interactions. Many of the women who indicated no prenatal supplementation at all appeared to also lack accessible healthcare, establishing a correlation between these two factors. Increasing the sample size and study duration can help to improve study validity and reveal potential causations for future research.


Chemistry and Biology