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This paper aims to investigate the principle methodology behind extraction and detection of an anti-cancer drug from brain samples via the high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method. In order to assess the efficiency of the methodology carried out in the Rumbaugh-Goodwin Institute of Cancer Research (RGI), numerous peer-reviewed journals and articles were analyzed over the duration of this internship. They were filtered on the basis of inclusion of keywords, date written, peer-reviewed credibility, and similarity to RGI’s research. The literature that has been chosen to be reviewed includes studies that present similar methodologies or test drugs with similar functions. From the comparison of RGI’s protocol to protocol from other studies, it was found that some aspects of RGI’s procedure could be revised to be even more efficient and accurate. These revisions include considering the addition of purifying substances to our sample, different homogenization techniques, and order of operation. From this analysis, it can be concluded that the methodologies used at RGI to extract and detect the brain samples with HPLC were effective but could also use some improvements.