Staff Publications

Staff Publications

A collection of publications from the Alvin Sherman Library, Research and Information Technology Center staff.


Submissions from 2021


ALSC Intellectual Freedom Programming Toolkit, Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) Intellectual Freedom Committee

Submissions from 2020


Incorporating Intellectual Freedom and Information Literacy into Programming, Meagan Albright and Ashley J. Brown

Submissions from 2017


Unleash Your Mentoring Power: The FLA Mentoring Pilot Program, John Abresch, Erin Arnold, Rachel Cooke, Mary “Peggy” M. Glatthaar, Jaime Goldman, Renaine Julian, and Leah Plocharczyk

Submissions from 2015

Making it work: Creating a student-friendly repository for instructional library videos, Michelle Keba, Jamie Segno, and Michael Schofield

Submissions from 2014

A Town and Gown Affair: Creating Partnerships Between Public and Academic Library Services, Sarah Cisse

Submissions from 2013


Partnering with Public Library Services: A Town and Gown Affair, Sarah Cisse

Submissions from 2011


Beyond Barriers: Creating Storytimes for Families of Children with ASD, Anne Leon

Submissions from 2010


Leadership at its Best: Library Managers Spearhead Successful Special Needs Programming, Kathy Jarombek and Anne Leon

Submissions from 2009

The Evolution of Early Literacy: A History of Best Practices in Storytimes”. Children and Libraries: The Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children, Meagan Albright, Kevin Delecki, and Sarah Hinkle

Submissions from 2008

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Great Depression and Florida Libraries, Nora J. Quinlan

Providing Reference in a Joint-Use Library, Nora J. Quinlan and Johanna Tunon

Submissions from 2007

Library Services to the LGBT Community in South Florida, Meagan Albright


“Passport to Information Day” as a Promotion Tool, Lia S. Hemphill and Elena Soltau

In Flew Enza, Nora J. Quinlan

Submissions from 2006

The Public Library's Responsibilities to LGBT Communities - Recognizing, Representing, and Serving, Meagan Albright

Submissions from 2002

Celebrating the first year in a joint-use library, Harriett D. MacDougall

Submissions from 2001


Staffing Challenges for a Joint-Use Library: The Nova Southeastern and Broward County Experience, Harriett D. MacDougall and Nora J. Quinlan