Staff Publications

Staff Publications

A collection of publications from the Alvin Sherman Library, Research and Information Technology Center staff.


Submissions from 2017


Unleash Your Mentoring Power: The FLA Mentoring Pilot Program, John Abresch, Erin Arnold, Rachel Cooke, Mary “Peggy” M. Glatthaar, Jaime Goldman, Renaine Julian, and Leah Plocharczyk

Submissions from 2015

Making it work: Creating a student-friendly repository for instructional library videos, Michelle Keba, Jamie Segno, and Michael Schofield

Submissions from 2014

A Town and Gown Affair: Creating Partnerships Between Public and Academic Library Services, Sarah Cisse

Submissions from 2013


Partnering with Public Library Services: A Town and Gown Affair, Sarah Cisse

Submissions from 2011


Beyond Barriers: Creating Storytimes for Families of Children with ASD, Anne Leon

Submissions from 2010


Leadership at its Best: Library Managers Spearhead Successful Special Needs Programming, Kathy Jarombek and Anne Leon

Submissions from 2009

The Evolution of Early Literacy: A History of Best Practices in Storytimes”. Children and Libraries: The Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children, Meagan Albright, Kevin Delecki, and Sarah Hinkle

Submissions from 2008

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Great Depression and Florida Libraries, Nora J. Quinlan

Providing Reference in a Joint-Use Library, Nora J. Quinlan and Johanna Tunon

Submissions from 2007

Library Services to the LGBT Community in South Florida, Meagan Albright


“Passport to Information Day” as a Promotion Tool, Lia S. Hemphill and Elena Soltau

In Flew Enza, Nora J. Quinlan

Submissions from 2006

The Public Library's Responsibilities to LGBT Communities - Recognizing, Representing, and Serving, Meagan Albright

Submissions from 2002

Celebrating the first year in a joint-use library, Harriett D. MacDougall

Submissions from 2001


Staffing Challenges for a Joint-Use Library: The Nova Southeastern and Broward County Experience, Harriett D. MacDougall and Nora J. Quinlan