About This Journal

Field Notes of Applied Conflict Science (Field Notes) was founded in 2016 as a collaborator effort by graduates of Nova Southeastern University’s Department of Conflict Resolution Studies (DCRS) Ph.D. program, as a vehicle for promoting the development of conflict science for practitioners.

Field Notes promotes both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to exploring the relationship between conflict theory, research and practice, while encouraging the development of new theoretical principles and new research designs, focused on creating new resolution techniques.

Field Notes articles address the implications of theory for practice and research directions, how research can better inform practice, how research can contribute to theory development with important implications for practice. Field Notes also publishes articles which examine current conflicts/practice methodologies from new perspectives.

Field Notes does not publish works specifically designed to promote activism. The views expressed in articles and other contributions published in Field Notes do not necessarily reflect an endorsement by the editorial board or staff of Filed Notes or that of the peer reviewers or their affiliated institutions. Publication also does not imply endorsement by The Phoenix Institute of Conflict Science, NSUWorks, or Nova Southeastern University. Publication is solely based on meeting the scholarly methodology and content requirements found in the General Author Instructions and policy statements herein.

Field Notes of Applied Conflict Science is published by The Phoenix Institute of Conflict Science and NSUWorks, and appreciates the support of Nova Southeastern University. Field Notes is published continuously throughout the year as an open access, free resource, providing a forum for dialogs of various assessments, ideas, recommendations, and critiques.