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The Field Notes promotes both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to exploring the relationship between conflict theory, research, practice, and policy while encouraging the growth of conflict resolution practitioners and policymakers. The Field Notes articles address the implications of conflict practice and research on policy-making directions, how theories and research can better inform practice, and how practice can impact policy. Field Notes also publishes articles from conflict resolution practitioners presenting their experiences, insights, and perspectives about the conflicts they engage. The Field Notes publishes manuscripts from numerous disciplines having experience or insight into conflict theory, research, practice or policy making. Submissions are encouraged from experts of the subjects of international, interpersonal, organizational, ethnic, social, or any other conflict variation. We welcome from all disciplines including but not limited to, academia, business and industry, economics, the social sciences, the law, international relations, diplomacy, and the humanities. Papers should illustrate and demonstrate conflict as an applied science primarily. This includes but is not limited to notes and observations from the field, applied conflict resolution/mediation/negotiation practices, journalistic reporting and other forms of engaging within the conflict context.

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