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Nova Law Review, senior staff, junior staff, staff, Board of Editors, 1988, 1989, yearbook, photo, law review


These are posed photographs of the Board of Editors, senior staff, and junior staff of the Nova Law Review from the 1988-1989 academic year. These photographs were taken from the First Amendment yearbook. The first caption reads, "BOARD OF EDITORS The Nova Law Review is published three times a year by law students. Members of the Board of the Law Review are selected by their predecessors. Leading jurists, academicians, practitioners, and Nova faculty members contribute articles to the Review. The Nova Law Review affords students an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of particular subjects and to develop proficiency in research and writing skills. Seated: Joseph Goldstein, Survey Editor; Margaret Presutti, Editor-in-Chief; Gale Collins, Lead Articles Editor; Susan York, Executive Editor; Pat Shub, Associate Editor; John Santaro Jr., Notes & Comments Editor; Stuart Yanofsky, Notes & Comments Editor; Sherri Citelli, Notes & Comments Editor; Alex Clark, Notes & Comments Editor; Dan Whitebrook, Associate Editor."

The second caption reads, "SENIOR STAFF Roxanne Beilly, Sherri Cohen, Donna Dressler, Jodi Edwards, Lynn Hennessey, Cheryl Kempf, Patricia M. Kennedy, Sandra G. Krawitz, Charles F. Lamm, Pamela M. Lund, Daniel A. Lurvey, Rebecca I. Lytle, Keith Metcalf, Francis R. Novak, Eric L. Stettin, Robert E. Tardif, Jr."

The third caption reads, "JUNIOR STAFF Ellen F. Baig, David Barclay, Vicki A. Bell, David Bludenstein, Jim Caplan, Laura Church, Gayle Coleman, Debra D. Duckett, Judith S. Ford, Jane Hawkins, Linda M. Jaffe, Bonni Jensen, Sandra Johnson, Gary H. Juda, Jayne F. Kennedy, Paul Layer, Kelly Ann Lee, Douglas Leifert, Richard Mahler, Elizabeth Metzger, Perry Monioudis, Brent Moody, Gary Paige, David Paulus, Cynthia Parrish, Anthony Petrillo, David A. Reed, Daniel Santaniello, Carl Schoeppl, David Silverstone, Gail M. Smith, Bruce Smolar, Caryn Sochor, Jennifer Starkey, Robert H. Sturgess, Giorgio Vallar."

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Spring 2019

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This is an electronic .jpeg file that was created from the original photo that appeared in the 1989 Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law School First Amendment yearbook.

Digital Collection

Nova Law Review Staff Yearbook Photos


These photographs portray the editorial board and staff members from the Nova Law Review during the 1988-1989 academic year.




These photos were provided by the 1989 edition of the First Amendment yearbook created at the Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law.


Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law


Nova Law Review, Volume 13


The yearbooks from prior years are housed in the Nova University Shepard Broad College of Law's Panza Maurer Law Library as well as the Law Alumni office.




Nova Law Review, senior staff, junior staff, staff, Board of Editors, 1988, 1989, yearbook, photo, law review


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