Contemporary Qualitative Resarch

January 15-17 2020

Nova Southeastern University

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Contemporary qualitative research is a diverse world of varied perspectives, designs, methods, products and purposes. We have descriptive, interpretive, scientific, artistic, critical, collaborative, participatory, indigenous, and provocative approaches to name just a few of the ways qualitative researchers conceptualize, conduct, and communicate their work. Qualitative research is now an international phenomena practiced by more people in more disciplines and professions than ever before.

Technological advancements also make qualitative research today a quickly evolving craft. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, recording apps and equipment, voice-recognition and translation software, computer-assisted qualitative data analysis programs, and augmented reality present today’s researchers with new and interesting ways to carry out their work faster and more efficiently and to consider emerging multi-dimensional ways to generate, collect and analyze data. Innovations in communication too present new options how we present and publish our work and receive feedback from our audiences.

What we teach and how we learn qualitative research today also reflect this wonderful diversity. It can be challenging to manage this variety in a curriculum, so today’s teachers and students are learning and instructing via emerging alternative and complementary means and media. Inside and outside the academy, formally and informally qualitative research education and training has never been so wide-ranging.

At the eleventh annual conference of The Qualitative Report (TQR), we invite you to share your lessons learned from practicing, teaching, learning, and writing qualitative research in our contemporary world. In January 2020, we want you to help create a three-day learning community in South Florida by sharing your research stories: How do you conduct qualitative research now? What technological innovations have you embraced? What emerging methodologies do you use? What is the state of art for qualitative research in your country, discipline, or profession? How do you teach qualitative research these days? How do you learn to do qualitative research nowadays? We want to hear these reflexive tales in your proposed papers, panels, and workshops so we all can more about qualitative research today.

Please submit your presentation ideas and join us next January at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA for TQR2020! We will be accepting submissions starting in February. Over the next few weeks, we will share more details about TQR2020 on the conference's web site: As always, please let us know your questions and comments by sending us your emails to, posting to our Facebook page, or by tweeting us!

Official Conference Website

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