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Priceless Passage

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Amy Harvey7

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7-4-2006 12:00 AM

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7-4-2006 12:00 AM

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Apr 7th, 12:00 AM Apr 7th, 12:00 AM

Priceless Passage

Written by Amy Harvey in 1993, the poem will be performed as a monolog by the author. The poem is about a young and vulnerable woman who has come to realize that she has the courage to liberate herself from a deceitful boyfriend, and confronts him. This piece is easily applicable for most young women and men. Many of us have had a partner or perhaps a friend who has betrayed a trust or compromised a friendship in some way. This poem is based on a true experience, and is emotionally driven. The emotional responses begin as enlightenment and acknowledgement of the situation. Then, anger and uncertainty takes over, as the decision to stay or leave must be made. Eventually a decision is made to discontinue the relationship and the domineering emotion at the end is liberation.