Title of Project

Dating Patterns among the Arab Community within South Florida

Researcher Information

Marissa S. Dass

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Start Date

7-4-2006 12:00 AM

End Date

7-4-2006 12:00 AM

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Apr 7th, 12:00 AM Apr 7th, 12:00 AM

Dating Patterns among the Arab Community within South Florida

The purpose of this study was to examine different attitudes, perceptions and values regarding dating among South Florida’s Arab community. This research sought to answer such questions as the difference between dating habits of American born Arabs and Middle Eastern born Arabs; how religion and the individuals’ devoutness influenced their dating habits; whether culture or religion was more influential on the individuals’ dating habits; and the differences between the ways in which Arab men and women dated.

Dating is defined as a social appointment, traditionally with a person of the opposite sex; and as individuals going out together as sexual partners. There were no findings of prior research on this topic with the exception of discussions of rules taken from the Holy Quran. It is important to note that in my study, I focus not on Muslims, but rather on South Florida’s Arab community.

In the present study, I utilized surveys and small group discussions. In total, I was able to receive surveys from one hundred and twenty participants, aged 19-32. Survey questions ranged from general demographical questions to more topic specific questions such as their level of devoutness, whether they dated or not, and if not, reasons why- including religious or familial, and whether they are sexually active or not.

Based on survey findings I hypothesized that there is an acute difference between the dating habits of Arab men and Arab women, but that similarities existed between both Arab American men and women and Middle Eastern Arab men; that there is an almost stringent difference in the dating habits between Arab American females and those females who are originally from the Middle East; that although religion does influence some, it seemed evident that culture was a greater influence- or rather the ‘host culture’ was more influential; and also that the dating habits and views regarding relationships and dating seemed generally uniformed among Arab men from both the US and the Middle East.