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The Wonders Of Mathematica

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Linda Sher
Claudia Cortes

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Alvin Sherman Library 4009

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2-4-2004 12:00 AM

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2-4-2004 12:00 AM

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The Wonders Of Mathematica

Alvin Sherman Library 4009

Mathematica is a powerful software that has the ability to solve small or large scale computations, graph, plot, analyze data, matrices, produced animated movies and much more. Matematica combines symbolic and numerical calculations into a unified, interactive environment easy to use for students, engineers, scientists and mathematicians. Mathematica is a calculator and a computer algebra software program that uses a high-level programming language. While working through math calculations, a notebook document keeps a report of : inputs, outputs, and graphics in an typeset form. You are able to edit, typeset equations that were entered in the notebook. Mathematica is copyright by Wolfram Research and been around for about 5 years. Wolfram Research still continuous to add new features to the program. Mathematica offers faster speed and lower memory usage for users.

Learning how to evaluate commands are simple and I will demonstrate examples and there steps later. In order to tell mathematica what you want computed, write the equation in the left side area and press Enter on the right side of the keypad. To start a new line of text, just press the Return Key. Any user can create functions by clicking icons and symbols from Tool Palettes. If the integral does not have limits than the answer will be in symbolic form. Yet, if the integral does have limits, the answer will be written as a number.

Basically, mathematica enables every type of operation, such as; data, graphics, functions, programs or documents. Matematica can be used in every day life because of many reasons. First, the system is easy to learn through the introductory slide shows when Matematica is started. Second, the outputs or answers from Matematica are correct, since it has the many different ways to solve problems, which allows for self check. Third, as Matematica is upgraded it will contain similar versions, therefore you are not required to learn new material. Matematica give symbolic computations that provide a solution to the problem. You can look at your model, plot it and test it without loss of accuracy.