Title of Project

Software Engineering: Development of a Three-Dimensional Videogame

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Alvin Sherman Library 1054

Start Date

19-4-2002 12:00 AM

End Date

19-4-2002 12:00 AM

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Apr 19th, 12:00 AM Apr 19th, 12:00 AM

Software Engineering: Development of a Three-Dimensional Videogame

Alvin Sherman Library 1054

We report on the status of our videogame project for the upper-division software engineering course (CSIS 3750) at Nova Southeastern University’s undergraduate computer science program.

We have designed and partially implemented a three-dimensional videogame called “Crystal Racer.” The videogame is intended for an audience of both teens and young adults, and may be classified as an “action-based” game (as compared to a “strategy- based” game). Classical videogames in this genre include the numerous games on the market which use race cars (or other vehicles) driving around a predefined race track. The goal of this type of game is to avoid obstacles or traps, bypass competing vehicles, reach a destination and/or traverse a certain distance under a time limit.

Crystal Racer is graphically unique in that it is set on an alien landscape, using crystalline vehicles and barriers. Both the special effects and music take on a science fiction flair. Furthermore, the game is Internet-based and can be played by several participants over the network.

Our development team used an incremental life cycle model for software development. Use-cases were performed for requirements analysis. State-based diagrams were used to model behavior. Object-oriented design techniques were used for the overall software design, and the implementation was coded in C + + using the DirectX programming library. The UML notation was used to document the software design process.

We present a brief summary of our development efforts, and provide a demonstration of the videogame.