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Customer Loyalty in the Internet Age

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Alvin Sherman Library 1054

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19-4-2002 12:00 AM

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19-4-2002 12:00 AM

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Customer Loyalty in the Internet Age

Alvin Sherman Library 1054

Customer loyalty is very important in e-commerce. Once you have sold a product to a customer you want that customer to return and buy more from you, that way it will decrease your acquisition costs and to increase profitability. E-commerce will continually increase but not all web sites will gain the rewards they want. Today competition is high, and customers expect more online capabilities. The best way to obtain customer loyalty is by knowing how to separate functions of sales, marketing, customer service, and keeping a common theme of improving customer loyalty. There will be three parts:

1. A brief introduction to customer relationship management in the Internet. The Internet has changed the competitive landscape. Customer loyalty is more important than ever, and it is very important to focus on the right customers.

2. The customer loyalty business process. The different strategies and approaches that you can take to obtain customer loyalty. There are different types of customers and treating them differently will help develop a better relationship with the customer and increase profit.

3. Customer loyalty infrastructure. The best thing to do is to personalize your marketing efforts and gather customer information. You need to understand your business that way you will be able to sell anything and extend your sales. Organizing the customers data will help provide a better customer service. You need to provide the customer with a secure web site and protect them from privacy intrusions.