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The Role of Gender in Civil – Military Cooperation: A Unique Opportunity for Change


Post-conflict reconstruction provides a unique opportunity to redress the experience of women during war and capitalize on the shifting gender roles prompted by conflict to advance a more equitable female citizenship. However, most post-conflict initiatives have not incorporated a gender-based action plan, impeded by a disparate prioritization of gender by civil and military actors. In order to ensure equitable post conflict outcomes, gender representation and mainstreaming must be comparably prioritized by civil and military engagement in peace building. This paper explores Bosnia as a case study to highlight the necessary role of civil-military cooperation in gender-based peace building.

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Charlene Cook is a Doctoral Student at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. She is also a member of the Graduate Collaborative Program in Women's Studies. She can be contacted at charlene.cook@utoronto.ca.

Donna Winslow, Ph.D. is the former coordinator of the Programme for Research on Peace Security and Society at the University of Ottawa, Canada. She currently holds the Chair of Social Anthropology (development and social transformation processes) at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She can be contacted at d.winslow2@chello.nl.


Bosnia, civil-military cooperation, female citizenship, gender-based peace building, post-conflict reconstruction

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