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M.S. Coastal Zone Management

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Dr. Donald McQuordale

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Dr. Curtis Burney

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Mrs. Lori Boughton


Nutrients are introduced into the waters of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through various methods, mainly through point and non-point sources. Non-point sources would include agricultural means however, there are often other non-point sources that are often overlooked. Water runoff from stormwater is an important contributor to pollution entering various watersheds. Data was collected at 4 locations (the initial point of reference, residential, urban, and industrial) on Mill Run and 2 locations on Woodcock Creek, through surface water collection methods in dry and wet weather. Nitrate, Nitrite, Total Phosphorus, and Total Nitrogen were among the data collected. Total Phosphorus had an increasing trend in concentration as the study progressed. Nitrate, Nitrite and Total Nitrogen showed no increasing trends. Location 3 (Urban Zone) produced the largest increase in Total Phosphorus. Weather conditions played a role in higher Nitrate concentrations while warm water produced higher Nitrite concentrations

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