HCNSO Student Theses and Dissertations

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M.S. Marine Biology

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Tamara Frank

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Tracey Sutton

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Ned Smith


The vertical and horizontal distributions of Euphausiacea in the northern Gulf of Mexico, including the location of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, were analyzed from 340 trawl samples collected between April-June, 2011. This study is the first comprehensive survey of euphausiid distributions from depths deeper than 1000 m in the Gulf of Mexico and included stratified sampling from five discrete depth ranges (0-200 m, 200-600 m, 600-1000 m, 1000-1200 m, and 1200-1500 m). In addition, this study encompasses the region heavily impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Data presented here could potentially be used in ecosystem models investigating trophic effects of the spill because euphausiids are the preferred prey of a variety of higher trophic organisms. Lastly, these data represent the first quantification of euphausiid assemblages in this location after the Deepwater Horizon event and can serve as a basis of comparison against which to monitor recovery of the euphausiid assemblage after exposure to Deepwater Horizon hydrocarbons and dispersant in the water column.

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