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World's Largest Marine Park: Mapping the Blue

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In 2012 the Cook Islands announced a Mega Marine Park - the biggest there has ever been on Earth. This is one of the most awesome places on the planet and local people, traditional leaders and the fishermen of the magnificent Cook Islands are determined that it should remain so.

In stunning 4K ultra-high definition this film tells the story of how Rugby League star, Kevin Iro, turned conservationist and founded the world's largest sanctuary where he used to play as a boy. By using high tech mapping, Iro and his team are able to show the best uses for areas within this pristine ocean park which is good for conservation and the needs of local people.

This film is a must-see for all those interested in the health of our oceans from marine biologists to recreational scuba divers. It points to a model of how such precious areas can be preserved all over the world and provides hope for the future.


Length: 29:00

Features NSU Oceanographic Center Doctoral Student and Khaled bin Sultan Living Ocean Foundation Research Fellow, Jeremy Kerr