HCAS Student Articles

Student publications from the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences


Submissions from 2023


Interactions Between Metabolism and Growth Can Determine the Co-existence of Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Camryn Pajon, Marla C. Fortoul, Gabriela Diaz-Tang, Estefania Marin Meneses, Ariane R. Kalifa, Elinor Sevy, Taniya Mariah, Brandon Toscan, Maili Marcelin, Daniella M. Hernandez, Melissa M. Marzouk, Allison J. Lopatkin, Omar T. Eldakar, and Robert Smith

Submissions from 2019


Saying No to Vaping: What You Should Know About the Dangers of E-Cigarettes, David Prudovsky

Submissions from 2015


Operationalizing Resilience for Adaptive Coral Reef Management Under Global Environmental Change, Kenneth R. N. Anthony, Paul A. Marshall, Ameer Abdulla, Roger Beeden, Christopher Bergh, Ryan Black, C. Mark Eakin, Edward T. Game, Margaret Gooch, Nicholas A. J. Graham, Alison Green, Scott F. Heron, Ruben Van Hooidonk, Cheryl Knowland, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Nadine Marshall, Jeffrey A. Maynard, Peter McGinnity, Elizabeth McLeod, Peter J. Mumby, Magnus Nystrom, David Obura, Jamie Oliver, Hugh P. Possingham, Robert L. Pressey, Gwilym Rowlands, Jerker Tamelander, David Wachenfeld, and Stephanie Wear

Extreme Temperatures, Foundation Species, and Abrupt Ecosystem Change: An Example from an Iconic Seagrass Ecosystem, Jordan A. Thomson, Derek A. Burkholder, Michael Heithaus, James W. Fourqurean, Matthew W. Fraser, John Statton, and Gary A. Kendrick

Delineating Optimal Settlement Areas of Juvenile Reef Fish in Ngederrak Reef, Koror State, Republic of Palau, Victor S. Ticzon, Greg Foster, Laura T. David, Peter J. Mumby, Badi R. Samaniego, and Val Randolf Madrid

Submissions from 2014


Coeloplana waltoni, A New Species of Minute Benthic Ctenophore (Ctenophora: Platyctenida) From South Florida, Peter W. Glynn, Frederick M. Bayer, and Dorothy-Ellen Abigail Renegar


Seagrasses in the Age of Sea Turtle Conservation and Shark Overfishing, Michael Heithaus, Teresa Alcoverro, Rohan Arthur, Derek A. Burkholder, Kathryn A. Coates, Marjolijn J. A. Christianen, Nachiket Kelkar, Sarah A. Manuel, Aaron Wirsing, W. Judson Kenworthy, and James W. Fourqurean


World's Largest Marine Park: Mapping the Blue, Living Oceans Foundation


What's Killing Florida's Coral Reefs?, WPEC CBS Local 12 News


Local 10's Jacey Birch Goes Underwater to See How Coral Reefs are Being Rebuilt, WPLG Miami ABC Local 10

Submissions from 2013

Spatial Pattern in Seagrass Stoichiometry Indicates Both N-Limited and P-Limited Regions of an Iconic P-Limited Subtropical Bay, Derek A. Burkholder, James W. Fourqurean, and Michael Heithaus

Patterns of Top-Down Control in a Seagrass Ecosystem: Could a Roving Apex Predator Induce a Behaviour-Mediated Trophic Cascade?, Derek A. Burkholder, Michael Heithaus, James W. Fourqurean, Aaron Wirsing, and Lawrence M. Dill


Demography and Population Dynamics of Massive Coral Communities in Adjacent High Latitude Regions (United Arab Emirates), Kristi A. Foster and Greg Foster

Apparent Resource Partitioning and Trophic Structure of Large-Bodied Marine Predators in a Relatively Pristine Seagrass Ecosystem, Michael Heithaus, Jeremy Vaudo, Sina Kreicker, Craig A. Layman, Michael Krutzen, Derek A. Burkholder, Kirk Gastrich, Cindy Bessey, Robin Sarabia, Kathryn Cameron, Aaron Wirsing, Jordan A. Thomson, and Meagan M. Dunphy-Daly

Direct and Indirect Effects of a New Disease of Alcyonacean Soft Corals, M. Slattery, Dorothy-Ellen A. Renegar, and D. J. Gochfeld

Correcting for Heterogeneous Availability Bias in Surveys of Long-Diving Marine Turtles, Jordan A. Thomson, Andrew B. Cooper, Derek A. Burkholder, Michael Heithaus, and Lawrence M. Dill