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Spring 3-13-2021




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This juvenile American Alligator was observed on a field trip to Shark Valley National Park. As part of Everglades National Park, Shark Valley is home to many diverse organisms that call the swamp their home. While bike riding on a paved path, visitors can see a vast majority of flora and fauna in their natural habitat, which helps promote conservation and restoration of the Everglades. While bike riding, I heard a little chirp from the grasses to my right. Looking around, I saw a congregation of baby alligators sitting by the water’s edge. One particularly bold youngster sat closer to the road than his peers and was watching the bike riders pass. Seeing his fascination, I crouched down (while still giving him the 6 feet of required distance away from wildlife) and snapped a quick photo of him. His colors blended in so well with the green and brown of the grass, I would not of seen any of them if it had not been for their chirping.


Life Sciences | Marine Biology


Everglades, National Park, Alligator


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