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It is well known that cetacean species and boat propellers do not mix. Boat collisions have killed not only dolphin species but whales as well. However, marks and injuries obtained from boating accidents that did not kill the animal, can be used in identifying the animal for research purposes. Of course other objects or species can inflict injuries that leave easily identifiable marks, but boat propeller marks are a common occurrence. The marks on the flukes of this young Atlantic spotted dolphin are not known on how they were obtained. The marks do, however, allow us to go through photo ID catalogs created by Dolphin Communication Project, and know this is #114. Despite the grim nature on how injuries and scars were obtained, we find a way to shin a positive light on it by being able to ID these animals in use towards managing their habitat, monitoring a populations health and much more.


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Stenella, ID, boats, Atlantic Spotted, marks

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