Submissions from 2018

Black and White: Third Place, Nicole K. Hayes

Camouflage: Third Place, Nicole K. Hayes

Black and White: Second Place, Devan Nichols

Anyscape: Second Place, emma wightman

Camouflage: Honorable Mention, emma wightman

Submissions from 2017

Anyscape: Third Place, Cynthia A. Cleveland

Overall Winner, Cynthia A. Cleveland

Anyscape: First Place, Kelly A. Habicht

Black and White: First Place, Carmen S. Montalvo

Camouflage: Second Place, Carmen S. Montalvo

Fauna: Third Place, Caitlyn A. Nay

Anyscape: Honorable Mention, Erin Smith

Black and White: Honorable Mention, Erin Smith

Fauna: First Place, Erin Smith

Fauna: Second Place, Erin Smith

Fauna: Honorable Mention, Madison Yelle