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Indicative Distribution Maps for Ecological Functional Groups - Level 3 of IUCN Global Ecosystem Typology


David A. Keith, University of New South Wales - Kensington, Australia
Jose R. Ferrer-Paris, University of New South Wales - Kensington, Australia
Emily Nicholson, Deakin University - Geelong, Australia
Melanie J. Bishop, Macquarie University - Sydney, Australia
Beth A. Polidoro, Arizona State University
Eva Ramirez-Llodra, Norwegian Institute for Water Research
Mark G. Tozer, NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - Australia
Jeanne L. Nel, Nelson Mandela University - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Ralph Mac Nally, University of Canberra - Australia
Edward J. Gregr, University of British Columbia - Vancouver, Canada
Kate E. Watermeyer, Deakin University - Geelong, Australia
Franz Essl, University of Vienna - Austria
Don Faber-Langendoen, NatureServe
Paul S. Giller, University College Cork - Ireland
Belinda J. Robson, Murdoch University - Perth, Australia
Janet Franklin, University of California
Caroline E. R. Lehmann, University of Edinburgh - United Kingdom
Andres Etter, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Colombia
Dirk J. Roux, South African National Parks
Johnathan S. Stark, Australian Antarctic Division
Jessica A. Rowland, Deakin University - Geelong, Australia
Neil A. Brummitt, Natural History Museum - London, United Kingdom
Ulla C. Fernandez-Arcaya, Instituto Español de Oceanografía - Madrid, Spain
Iain M. Suthers, University of New South Wales - Kensington, Australia
Thomas M. Iliffe, Texas A&M University
Vasilis Gerovasileiou, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research - Anavyssos, Greece
Troy S. Sakihara, Department of Land and Natural Resources - Hawaii
Susan K. Wiser, Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research
Ian Donohue, Trinity College Dublin - Ireland
Leland J. Jackson, University of Calgary - Canada
R. Toby Pennington, University of Exeter - United Kingdom
Christy Linardich, Arizona State University
Nathalie Pettorelli, Zoological Society of London - United Kingdom
Angela Andrade, Conservation International Colombia
Tytti Kontula, Finnish Environment Institute
Arild Lindgaard, Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre
Teemu Tahvanainen, University of Eastern Finland
Aleks Terauds, Australian Antarctic Division
Oscar Venter, University of Northern British Columbia - Prince George
James E. M. Watson, Wildlife Conservation Society
Michael A. Chadwick, King's College London - United Kingdom
Nicholas J. Murray, James Cook University - Australia
Justin Moat, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew - United Kingdom
Patricio Pliscoff, Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile - Santiago
Richard T. Corlett, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden - China
Kenneth R. Young, University of Texas
Matthew S. McGlone, Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research
Richard T. Williams, CSIRO - Australia
Javier Loidi, University of the Basque Country - Leioa, Spain
Jeremy Russell-Smith, Charles Darwin University - Darwin, Australia
David J. Eldridge, University of New South Wales - Kensington, Australia
David Gibson, Southern Illinois University
Alexandre M. B. Anesio, Aarhus University - Denmark
Christian H. Korner, University of Basel - Switzerland
Richard Harper, Murdoch University - Perth, Australia
Patrick W. Bogaart, United Nations Statistics Division
P. Bhanumati, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Monica Sharma, Consultant to the United Nations
Grant C. Hose, Macquarie University - Sydney, Australia
Brett C. Gonzalez, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
David Brankovits, Texas A&M University
Alejandro Martinez Garcia, Italian National Research Council
Megan Lamson, University of Hawaii
Barbara Seidel, The Nature Conservancy
Dena M. Sedar, Hawaii State Parks
Scott Santos, Auburn University
Justin Havird, Colorado State University
J. A. Havird, Kings College London - United Kingdom
M. C. Rains, University of South Florida
Kenneth Irvine, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - The Netherlands
Angela Arthington, Griffith University - Australia
Mary Kelly-Quinn, University College Dublin - Ireland
Stefan Bertilsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - Uppsala
Tim J. Hollibaugh, University of Georgia
A. Channing, Cardiff University - United Kingdom
Martin J. Siegert, Imperial College London - United Kingdom
Catherine Reidy Liermann, Western Washington University
Malcom Beveridge, University of Stirling - United Kingdom
Thomas S. Bianchi, University of Florida
Ryan J. Woodland, University of Maryland
Katherine A. Dafforn, Macquarie University - Sydney, Australia
Sarah L. McSweeney, The University of Melbourne - Australia
Nick A. Cutler, Newcastle University - United Kingdom
Sean N. Porter, South African Association for Marine Biological Research
Robert J. Orth, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Andrew H. Altieri, University of Florida
Serio Rossi, Università del Salento - Lecce, Italty
Charles R. C. Sheppard, University of Warwick - United Kingdom
Stephen E. Swearer, The University of Melbourne - Australia
Ryan R. Rykaczewski, NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
Lynne J. Shannon, University of Cape Town - South Africa
Imants G. Priede, University of Aberdeen - United Kingdom
Tracey Sutton, Nova Southeastern UniversityFollow
Jeremy T. Claisse, California State Polytechnic University
Alicia T. R. Acosta, Universita Roma - Italy
Paul E. Carnell, Deakin University - Geelong, Australia
Tasman P. Crowe, University College Dublin - Ireland
Louise B. Firth, University of Plymouth - United Kingdom
Neil D. Burgess, United Nations Environment Programme
Sylvia E. Hay, University of New South Wales - Kensington, Australia
Lila Garvia Riveiro, Provita
Irene Zager, Provita
Lucie Bland
Richard T. Kingsford, University of New South Wales - Kensington, Australia

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Ecosystem science, Ecosystem classification, Functional biomes, Earth sciences, Human impact, Life sciences, Biodiversity conservation, Ecosystem services, Ecosystem management, Ecosystem assembly, Aichi targets, Ecosystem functional groups, Ecosystem traits, Ecosystem types


This dataset includes the original version of the indicative distribution maps and profiles for Ecological Functional Groups - Level 3 of IUCN Global Ecosystem Typology (v2.0). Please refer to Keith et al. (2020). The descriptive profiles provide brief summaries of key ecological traits and processes for each functional group of ecosystems to enable any ecosystem type to be assigned to a group. Maps are indicative of global distribution patterns are not intended to represent fine-scale patterns. The maps show areas of the world containing major (value of 1, coloured red) or minor occurrences (value of 2, coloured yellow) of each ecosystem functional group. Minor occurrences are areas where an ecosystem functional group is scattered in patches within matrices of other ecosystem functional groups or where they occur in substantial areas, but only within a segment of a larger region. Most maps were prepared using a coarse-scale template (e.g. ecoregions), but some were compiled from higher resolution spatial data where available (see details in profiles). Higher resolution mapping is planned in future publications. We emphasise that spatial representation of Ecosystem Functional Groups does not follow higher-order groupings described in respective ecoregion classifications. Consequently, when Ecosystem Functional Groups are aggregated into functional biomes (Level 2 of the Global Ecosystem Typology), spatial patterns may differ from those of biogeographic biomes. Differences reflect the distinctions between functional and biogeographic interpretations of the term, "biome".

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DOI 0.5281/zenodo.3958934.