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Growth and Survivorship of Stony Coral Meandrina meandrites and Montastrea cavernosa Transplants to an Artificial Reef Environment: A Work in Progress

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Nova Southeastern University


Restoration, Coral fragment, Reefball


Reef Ball Deployment: In November of 2000, 160 concrete Reef BallTM modules (1.22m wide x 0.9m high) were deployed, at a depth of approximately 15 meters, between the Second and Third Reef tracts off Dania Beach, FL (Figures 1 and 2). The Reef Balls were grouped into 40 quads, with each quad containing four individual Reef Balls. One modified Reef Ball from each quad was designated as the ‘transplant’ ball, and was used as the receptacle for the coral transplants. The other three balls in each quad are part of a more comprehensive study. This multifactorial study is examining the effects of reef structure on fish assemblages, the effects of coral larval attractants on coral recruitment, and the interaction between fish assemblages and coral recruitment. The coral transplants are one such ‘coral larval attractant’ being examined. Coral transplants, and the donor colonies from which they were obtained, are being monitored for growth and survivorship


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