Treasures of Taliesin: Seventy-Seventy Unbuilt Designs


Treasures of Taliesin: Seventy-Seventy Unbuilt Designs



"Here we have something old and something new in the field of Frank Lloyd Wright studies. The old is a revised edition of Treasures of Taliesin (LJ 10/1/85), a coffee-table selection of unbuilt designs spanning Wright's lengthy career. Pfeiffer, a Wright apprentice and director of archives at Taliesin West, presents 77 unbuilt projects, which arguably reveal Wright's visionary imagination to a greater degree than do the buildings actually realized. The text is unapologetically laudatory, often beguiling with anecdotes about famous and eccentric clients. Pfeiffer's later Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings (Abrams, 1990) offers a larger sampling of the master's output but is not as focused. The new Frank Lloyd Wright: Europe and Beyond is a collection of ground-breaking essays exploring Wright's influence abroad, edited by Wright scholar Alofsin. He has assembled nine international experts to probe Wright's influence in Europe, the Americas, Iraq, and Japan. Their research corrects misconceptions and oversimplifications that have inevitably grown up around a figure as legendary as Wright. Conclusions, however, are tentative, with further investigation called for. Public libraries already owning Treasures need not purchase the new edition, which is not extensively revised; those owning Treasures and/or Drawings should make sure they have Pfeiffer's well-illustrated survey Frank Lloyd Wright: The Masterworks (Rizzoli, 1993). Academic libraries will want to add Europe and Beyond and should be aware of Alofsin's resurrection of the influential 1910 "Wasmuth monograph," Studies and Executed Buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright (Rizzoli, 1998), which introduced many European architects to Wright."
-David Soltesz, Fairview Park Regional Lib., OH
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Treasures of Taliesin: Seventy-Seventy Unbuilt Designs
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