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Table of Contents

  • Features
    • 8 East Meets West
    • 16 Shark Spirit Reaches New Heights
    • 18 A New Home for the Arts, Bigger Dreams for NSU Talent
    • 24 Abe Fischler: Educational Visionary
  • Departments
    • 2 Letter from the President
    • 3 Academic Notes
      • New Degree Offers Real Solutions for Real Estate Development
      • NSU’s First Class of Anesthesiologist Assistants Graduates
      • NSU’s New Dental Clinic Gives Special-Needs Children Reason to Smile
      • Mapping Coral Reefs in the Red Sea
      • NSU Expands Educational Sites Throughout Florida
      • Raising Success Rates for Low-Income Youth
      • Student-Athletes Earn Points in the Classroom and on the Court
      • Tech-Savvy Couple Develops Online Resource for Test-Takers
      • New Degree Program Teaches Health Professionals How to Teach
    • 12 Around Campus
      • Taking a Step Forward
      • Exploring Religious Diversity and Understanding on Campus
      • NSU Sings, and Celebrates, the Blues
      • University School Alumni Reunite on Stage
      • Excellence on Display at Annual Celebration
    • 22 Verbatim
      • A Friend in Pain Leads to a Career Treating Others in Need
    • 28 Spotlight
      • Helping Students Juggle Life’s Challenges
      • Lessons from the Field: Making the Grade in Iraq
      • NSU’s Dermatology Team Treats Patients Like Family
    • 32 Alumni Journal
      • What Could Not Destroy Her Made Her Stronger
      • This Law Firm Means Business
    • 34 Scoreboard
      • 2008–2009: A Banner Year

Publication Date

Spring 2009


Nova Southeastern University

Horizons Spring/Summer 2009