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Table of Contents

  • Features
    • 14 Autism Council Supports Families Looking for Answers
    • 20 NSU Prepares the Next Generation of Leaders
    • 26 What’s Hot in Today’s Cooling Job Market
    • 32 Osteopathic Medicine: What We Don’t Know Might Cure Us
  • Departments
    • 2 Letter from the President
    • 3 Academic Notes
      • Holographic Professors: NSU Designs Distance Education of the Future
      • Law Center Welcomes New Dean
      • Collaborators in Change: NSU Therapy Clinic and Its Clients
      • Fischler School’s Doctoral Degree Licensed in New Jersey
      • Learning to Think Like a Researcher
      • Above and Beyond the Practice of Sports Medicine
      • Audiology Professor’s Invention Helps Thousands of Users
      • Diverse Graduate Degree Programs at the Law Center
    • 8 Around Campus
      • Students Step Up Into Politics
      • Campus Pharmacy Provides Convenience and Quality Services
      • Live and Learn: On-Campus Housing Is Home Away from Home
      • A Day for Children
      • New, 50-Meter Pool Makes Waves at University School
      • Alvin Sherman Library Offers Educators Toolkit
      • A Merger of Art and Education
      • When Energy Costs Rise, NSU Keeps Its Cool
    • 18 Spotlight
      • NSU’s Top Research Officer Making New Discoveries
    • 24 Spotlight
      • A Quiet Warrior Fights for Peace
    • 30 Spotlight
      • Talking Across Cultural Lines
    • 31 Spotlight
      • NSU Staff Member Stays Young at 97
    • 36 Verbatim
      • A Helping Hand in a Hurting Economy
    • 38 Alumni Journal
      • Alumni Add a Needed Dash of Latin Flavor to Animation Projects
    • 40 Scoreboard
      • NSU Athletics Fall Season Review

Publication Date

Winter 2008


Nova Southeastern University

Horizons Winter 2008/2009