Editor in Chief: Cheryl Zickler

Executive Editor: Leonard Berger

Lead Articles Editor: Donna L. DeConna

Survey Editor: Maria Kessler-Guttoso

Business Editor: Leslie H. Friedland

Notes & Comments Editor: Ronald E. Crescenzo

Notes & Comments Editor: William S. Shurr

Notes & Comments Editor: Randall S. Kasper

Notes & Comments Editor: Amy J. Winarsky


William W. Booth, Marc S. Buschman, Reggie Bushkin, Ileen Cantor, Linda Church, Sherril Colombo, Lisa M. Connor, Peter Cooke, Thomas H. Dougherty, Chedly C. Dumornay, David B. Earle, Bradley Gould, Daniel Harris, Eric Hedberg, Cynthia G. Hesse, David A. Jenks, Andrew Kessler, Alexandra Kissanis, Eric Lee, Brian S. Leifert, Robert Charles Limerick, Jr., David Lipkin, Michael Lynott, Stuart J. MacIver, Bonnie Miskel, Margaret Montalvo, Laurie Moss, Howard Nelson, Catherine L. Ramage, Riah Ramlogan-Seuradge, Kimberly Rommel-Enright, Holiday Hunt Russell, Theresa M. Scala, Sanford Roy Topkin, George Truitt

Senior Staff

Marisa D. Ajmo, Michelle Leben Armstrong, Bryan T. Austin, Kimberly A. Balentine, Evan Cerasoli, Steven Clarfield, Stuart L. Cohen, Michael Cohn, Lindsey Cole, Lisa Cove, Liz Dougherty, Colette M. Farley, A. Margaret Hesford, Doreen E. Lasch, Caroline Mitchell, Melinda S. Nisi, Mia Noto, Larry Ordet, Paul L. Penichet, Beverly Pohl, Kim Rangel, Stephanie L. Schneider, Jeffrey N. Schwartz, Eric A. Seidel, Alyson Serell, Steve Sheinen, Simone A. Spiegel, Maxine K. Streeter, Alex Urruela, Lori S. Weiss, Jodi Young

Faculty Advisors

Chief Advisor: Johnny C. Burris

Publication Date

Winter 1991





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This is the masthead for Nova Law Review, Volume 15. This volume was created during the 1990-1991 academic year.


This is a .pdf file that was created from a print copy of the journal.




Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law


This masthead was scanned from the original print copy that is housed in the Panza Maurer Law Library.


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