Steven S. Farbman, Esq., Steven Spencer Farber, PA; Donna Litman, Esq., Nova Southeastern University; Sheryl A. Moore, Esq., Fowler White Burnett; Todd A. Weicholz, Esq., Laing and Weicholz, PL; and William A. Snyder, Esq., Snyder & Synder, PA

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Course Outline & Timeline

Registration & Continental Breakfast:

7:30 to 7:55 am

Atrium & Lecture Room

Welcome & Introduction:

7:55 to 8:00 am

Elena Rose Minicucci, J.D., Director of Alumni Relations, NSU Shepard Broad Law Center 

  • Welcome
  • Introduce Professor Donna Carol Litman, and attorneys Sheryl Moore, Steven Farbman, Todd Weicholz, and William Snyder, LL.M.

Seminar Presentation

8:00 am to 9:15 am

Professor Donna Carol Litman - Moderator

Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Florida Bar Board Certified in Tax Law

Professor Litman will lead the discussion among the other Board Certified attorneys listed above.

The Discussion will cover the following:

    • Overview of Board Certification – Requirements
      • Rules Regulating Board Certification – in general
        • Handout: Rule 6-3.5 “Standards for Certification” (general)
        • Handout: Rule 6-3.6 “Recertification” (general)
      • Revocation of Certification – Once Certified, lawyer may lose Certification for certain reasons such as:
        • if the area of practice ceases to be certified;
        • if disciplinary action is taken against the lawyer pursuant to Rules Regulating The Florida Bar;
        • if the lawyer commits a crime;
        • misrepresentation by the lawyer;
        • failure to abide by the rules and regulations governing the program;  other lawyer misconduct.
        • Handout: Rule 6-3.8 “Revocation of Certification” 6
      • Ethics – Rules Regulating The Florida Bar Rule 6-3.9 “Manner of Certification” attorney and law firm must comply with this rule for all advertising, website, business cards, office sign; limitation on use of terms: “Specialist” or “Board Certified” or “Expert” or “B.C.S.”
        • Handout: Rule 6-3.9 “Manner of Certification” & 4-7.14(a)(4) “Potentially Misleading Advertisements”
    • Practice Areas – Board Certification in Florida offers twenty-four practice areas in which to become Board Certified
      • Handout: “Florida’s 24 Legal Specialty Areas” from The Florida Bar
      • Five Specific Board Certification Practice areas discussed below by speakers who are Board Certified in their practice areas:
    • Tax Law Certification: Donna Carol Litman, Esq.
      • Requirements as set forth in Rule 6-5 “Standards for Certification of a Board Certified Tax Lawyer”
        • Handout: Rule 6-5 (including 6-5.1 through 6-5.4)
      • Discussion of Article: Board Certification: The View From the Bench…and Beyond” by George W. Maxwell, III, 77 APR Fla. B.J. 34 (April 2003) – how Judges view Board Certified attorneys
    • Marital & Family Law Certification: Sheryl Moore, Esq.
      • Requirements as set forth in Rule 6-6 “Standards for Board Certification in Marital & Family Law”
        • Handout: Rule 6-6 (including 6-6.1 through 6-6.5) – lawyers and judicial officers included
      • Case Law and/or Ethical Considerations – The Florida Bar v. Morse 784 So. 2d 414 (Fla. 2001) dealing with revocation of Board Certification in Marital & Family Law for failure to provide diligent and competent representation to client
    • Civil Trial Certification: Steven S. Farbman, Esq.
      • Requirements as set forth in Rule 6-4 “Standards for Certification of a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer”
        • Handout: Rule 6-4 (including 6-4.1 through 6-4.4)
      • Case Law and/or Ethical Considerations – Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, Chapter 4 – 1.5 Fees and Costs for Legal Services (including Contingency Fee Agreements) and Art. 1 Sec. 26 The Florida Constitution, “Claimant’s Right to Fair Compensation”
    • Criminal Trial Certification: Todd Weicholz, Esq.
      • Requirements as set forth in Rule 6-8 “Standards for Certification of a Board Certified Criminal Lawyer”
        • Handout: Rule 6-8 (including 6-8.1 through 6-8.4)
      • Case Law and/or Ethical Considerations – 4-7.18 “Direct Contact with Prospective Clients” especially relevant to criminal defense matters  Wills, Trusts & Estates Certification: William Snyder, LL.M, Esq.
      • Requirements as set forth in Rule 6-7 “Standards For Certification of a Board Certified Wills, Trusts, and Estates Lawyer” 7
        • Handout: Rule 6-7 (including 6-7.1 through 6-7.4)
      • Case Law & Ethical Considerations - Rules Regulating the Florida Bar – Chapter 4 – 7.13 “Deceptive and Inherently Misleading Advertisements” especially regarding experience and special expertise

Professor Donna Carol Litman, Esq.

9:15 to 9:30 am

General Question & Answer Session with Seminar Attendees & Board Certified Speakers: Sheryl Moore, Esq., Steven S. Farbman, Esq., Todd Weicholz, Esq., and William Snyder, LL.M., Esq.

Seminar ends at 9:30 am

Law Center Plus May 2015 Board Certification Booklet.pdf (1144 kB)
Board Certification Handout