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This particular seminar is designed to educate attorneys about how to be an elder law attorney. Practitioners will learn the various skill sets involved: estate and incapacity planning as well as protection of assets in order to qualify for, or remain qualified for, public benefits such as Medicaid and veteran’s pension with aid and attendance.

1. How to work with senior citizens and their families in a clinical as well as legal format
2. How to determine capacity of elderly clients to execute legal documents
3. How to analyze family relationships
4. How to design an estate and incapacity plan and how to explain it to seniors
5. How to determine what documents need to be prepared or revised
6. How to become eligible for means-tested public benefits, e.g., Medicaid &/or VA.


The video of speakers is reduced in size - but the audio is perfect.

Handout 1 - Fisher.pdf (238 kB)
Long Term Care Medicaid for the Elderly

Handout 2 - Fisher.pdf (1006 kB)
2 Types of Veterans Benefits Disability Comp & Pension

Handout 1 - Lakin.pdf (77 kB)
Medicaid fact sheet 2017 For Beginners Only

Handout 2 - Lakin.pdf (47 kB)
Basic Incapacity & Estate Planning