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Global Governments and Democratization

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Part of the "The Institute for Global Legal Studies Inaugural Colloquium: The UN and the Protection of Human Rights" paper series.

"From the history of the United Nations, John B. Anderson turns to issues of governance. The former Congressman, 1980 independent candidate for President of the United States, and now the President and CEO of the World Federalist Association advocates both strengthening and democratizing the United Nations. He urges the creation of a police and security force under the control of the Security Council. At the same time, he argues for an expanded Security Council and the replacement of the one-state-one-vote system with a more democratic model that reflects the member states’ populations and budget shares.

After exploring the general history and structure of the United Nations, this collection of papers considers several specific human rights strategies. They span a wide spectrum, which includes factfinding missions, military force, and international criminal adjudication." - Stephen H. Legomsky


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