Editor-in-Chief & Executive Board Member: Serri E. Miller

Managing Editor & Executive Board Member: Meri Melissi Hartley

Executive Editor & Executive Board Member: Ingrid Suarez

Lead Articles Editor & Executive Board Member: Rachel I Turner

Lead Technical Editor: John O'Hara

Fall and IPN Editions Coordinator: Shannon Karan

Subscriptions Editor: Christina Kitterman

Associate Managing Editor: Farrah C. Fugett-Mullen

Associate Technical Editor: Jami Lee Steinacker

Online Associate Editor: Michael Klevins

Associate Bilingual Editor: Etienne Font

Associate Bilingual Editor: Carlos J. Jimenez

International Citator Editor: Susan B. Pepe

International Citator Editor: Ivonne Cuesta

International Citator Editor: Carmen Cuetos


Lonnie Keith Aldridge, Scott Armstrong, Amanda Armstrong, Jeffrey Backman, Flavia Bazzon, B. Aaron Coleman, Sean Collin, Charmaine Comprosky, Michael Dye, Carolyn Eaton, Ariol Eugene, Ana Fernandez, Edgardo Ferreyra, Nicolette Fontaine, Varesa Jones Adams, Shahabudeen Khan, Andrea Kaluzny, Lori Labonte, Bianca Lupovici, Laurie Maxis, Karen Montas-Coleman, Cindy Lilyanna Olea, Migdalia Perez, Steven Reiss, Jessica Santiago, Carolyn A. Schwarz, Scott D. Smiley, Sarah Smith, Frank Soto, Lisa Strauss, Jamie Stricklin, Javier Talamo, Zakkiyyah Terrell, Lea Vandergriff, Toni Vigliotti, Terry Wellons

Senior Staff

Alexander Baron, Lakeisha N. Daniels, Alexandra Espinosa, Margaret P. Fogg, Michael Gilden, Scott M. Greenbaum, Alcolya J.L. Lester, Kelly Romano, Karen Slater, Cory Zadanosky

Faculty Advisors

Professor Douglas L. Donoho, Professor Jane E. Cross, Professor James D. Wilets, Professor Eloisa Rodriguez-Dod

Publication Date

Fall 2001





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This is the masthead for the ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law, Volume 8. This volume was created during the 2001-2002 academic year.


This is a .pdf file that was created from a print copy of the journal.




Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law


This masthead was scanned from the original print copy that is housed in the Panza Maurer Law Library.


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