Paramedics-in-training enter the service from a variety of academic backgrounds; this is similar to a pattern observed in the training of other allied health professions such as nursing. Given the diverse academic backgrounds of these students, the purpose is to investigate how an educator’s awareness of learning style preferences could help students to engage more deeply with the training material and reduce the pattern of shallow learning sometimes observed in these students because of the protocol-nature of certain aspects of the paramedic (and other allied health) courses. By encouraging paramedic trainers and allied health educators to become aware of the various tools available to assess learning style preferences, it is hoped that they would use a variety of teaching strategies when delivering their courses to encompass the many learning style preferences existing among their students. The hope is that by employing these strategies, educators can help students to study according to their learning style preferences, engage more deeply with the course content, and hence improve overall student outcomes for paramedics-in-training and all students in allied health programmes.





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