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Current Issue: Volume 19, Number 1 (2021)



A Match Made in Heaven: Exploring Views of Medicine Students, Pharmacy Interns and Facilitators in an Interprofessional Medicines Pilot Study
Eileen M. McKinlay, Melanie Brown, Debbie Wallace, Caroline Morris, Amanda Garnett, and Ben Gray


Self-Reflection and its Relationship to Occupational Competence and Clinical Performance in Level II Fieldwork
Susan L. Iliff, Gaylene M. Tool, Patricia Bowyer, L. Diane Parham, Tina S. Fletcher, and Wyona M. Freysteinson


Exploration of Grit and Emotional Intelligence and Success in a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Karen Huhn, Brittney Rusinski DPT, Amanda Saucier DPT, Victoria McIntyre DPT, Teresa Rock DPT, Makeala Nelson DPT, Yieng Huah Tham DPT, and Courtney Duval DPT


Students’ Self-Perceptions of Self-Awareness/Self-Regulation when Experiencing Unexpected Situations in an Interprofessional Clinical Simulation
Elena Wong Espiritu; Steven Busby PHD, FNP-BC; Julie W. Hunt; Renee Brown; Beth F. Hallmark; Keri Cochran; and Carol Krueger-Brophy


Mentorship Experiences of Doctoral Students: Understanding Desired Attributes of Doctoral Student Mentors
Stephanie M. Singe, Lauren Sheldon, Kelsey Rynkiewicz, Ciara Manning, Erica Filep, Emma Zuk, and Caitliin Hargrave


Occupational Therapy in Primary Care -- Barriers, Pivots, and Outcomes: A pilot study
Sue Dahl-Popolizio, Gretchen Anne Roman, Felicia Trembath, Bradley Doebbeling, and Alyssa Concha-Chavez

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Literature Review


How to be an Effective Athletic Training Preceptor: A Literature Review
Daniella C. Eiroa DAT, LAT, ATC and Jeff G. Konin PhD, ATC, PT, FACSM, FNATA

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