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Current Issue: Volume 18, Number 4 (2020)




Survey of Attitudes, Knowledge, and Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice Among Thai Physical Therapists
Mantana Vongsirinavarat, Witaya Mathiyakom, Warin Krityakiarana, Ninwisan Hengsomboon, and Ratchanok Kraiwong


Using Kinetic Energy with Potential Energy When Determining Power During the Stair Climbing Test
James R. Roush, John D. Heick, Joseph Genovese, Kyle Kurashima, and Dallin Yarrington


“Get back on the horse and start over again”: Long-Term Effects of a Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Program in an Underserved Population
William Lonneman, Bethanne Brown, Chalee Engelhard, Kimihiro Noguchi, Grace McFarlane, Diane Warner, and Akino Kishigawa


Grit and Academic Performance in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students
Scott Richardson, Michael Scotto, MayAnne Belcina, Richa Patel, and Kevin Wiener


The Prevalence of Secondary School Sport Safety Policies within State Athletic Associations and Legislation
Samantha E. Scarneo, William M. Adams, Susan W. Yeargin, Madeline A. Konz, James E. Potter, and Douglas J. Casa

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