The Impact of an Educational Intervention on Elementary School Student Knowledge of Dengue Fever and Its Prevention


Nova Southeastern University, Health Professions Division


Fort Myers, FL

Publication Date / Copyright Date

February 2014


Dengue, a potentially fatal mosquito-borne viral disease, is rapidly spreading across the globe. Territories previously considered free of dengue, particularly the southern U.S., are now experiencing outbreaks of the disease. Public health officials consider vector control and personal protection the best ways to curb the spread of dengue in the absence of a safe and effective vaccine. Children are especially vulnerable to the severe complications of dengue and must be educated about dengue and its prevention. Children can be effective public health agents, and an educational intervention about dengue and its prevention may be a commendable endeavor in the elementary school setting. Additional research may determine the effectiveness of an educational intervention on the knowledge of dengue and its prevention.


Medicine and Health Sciences

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