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School transitions can be challenging for students, especially when students enter junior high school. Junior high school students experience significant developmental growth in the areas of autonomy, relationships, acceptance, cognitive skills, as well as physical differences associated with hormonal changes. When a student transitions into junior high school, evidence indicates possible declines in motivation, school interest, and academic achievement. Personal relationships, self-worth, and coping skills are essential for a successful transition between schools. Adolescents engage in the occupations of education, leisure, social participation, and activities of daily living. Occupational therapy is perfectly positioned as a support service within the school to assist elementary school students transition successfully into junior high school through a universal approach to support positive mental health. This capstone project details the results of a needs assessment conducted with administrators, teachers, parents, and seventh-grade students at the junior high school. Based on the needs assessment, Steppin’ Up forSuccess: A Transition Program for Sixth-Graders was developed and created to assist sixth graders transition successfully from elementary to junior high school.


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Junior high school, Occupation, Occupational therapy, Positive mental health, Transition