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Sex trafficking is one form of human trafficking, a heinous human rights violation that transcends international borders. People who have been trafficked often present with complex neurobehavioral, psychological, emotional, physiological, sensory, and developmental difficulties. The United Nations developed the international 3 p protocol to guide governmental agencies, non-governmental groups, and individuals in developing programs and legal actions of trafficking prevention, protection, and prosecution. Protection encompasses the recovery of trafficking survivors and community integration has been identified as an essential foundation for successful recovery. Measurable components of community integration include safe housing, stable employment, and vocation-focused education. This Capstone describes the organization, implementation, and results of a six-week community integration group experience for five women in a sex trafficking residential recovery program. Key words: Human trafficking, sex trafficking, recovery, trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder, occupational therapy, childhood sex abuse, protection, protection, prosecution, 3P Paradigm,


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