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MLA 119th Annual Meeting and Exhibition


Medical Library Association


Chicago, IL

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Summer 5-5-2019


Background: The Emerging Technologies Internship program aims to provide 12th grade high school students an opportunity to explore, use and develop unique applications of 3D printing/scanning, virtual reality, and digital devices. The interns work closely with library staff on student and faculty projects, but are also challenged to develop individual projects that can positively impact health sciences and medical education.

Description: The internship was developed in collaboration with a local high school and launched in September 2018. The program components include 1) goals and logistics; 2) marketing; 3) a Learning Lunch presentation for interested students; 4) application & interview phase; 5) scheduling system and modes of communication; and 6) evaluation. The interns use Trello, a web-based project management application, to view projects and keep track of scheduled tasks.

Conclusion: Our first group of interns finishes in June 2019. Students have been logging their progress twice a month and will present their projects and experiences to library staff at the end of the internship. Students have also been working on a project for their senior capstone and will present their projects as part of their graduation requirements. A final measured outcome will be timely completion of tasks and projects which will be reflected in Trello.


Presented as a 5-minute Lightning Talk.


Health Sciences and Medical Librarianship


emerging technologies, internship, health sciences library, medical library

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Piloting the Emerging Technologies Internship at a Health Sciences Library


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