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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Science

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College of Health Care Sciences – Health Science Department

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Sarah Ransdell

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Jodi Clark

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Julia Aucoin

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Nova Southeastern University


A national cohort of undergraduate college students who participated in the spring 2019 National College Health Assessment II (NCHA) reported stress as their number one academic impediment. While stressis a complex phenomenon, there is evidence that describes physical activity as a small but significant predictor of stress levels. The dissertation was a correlational study of retrospective, de-identified, secondary data from a national cohort of 43,756 undergraduate students, aged 18-24 who participated in the spring 2019 NCHA. The purpose of the study was to explore the relationship between physical activity, including aerobic and strength, and self-reported stress within the cohort. Chi-square analyses found a statistically significant (p<.001) inverse relationship between meeting the aerobic or strength physical activityguidelines and stress category. Additionally, a multivariate linear regression model identified moderate-intensity aerobic, vigorous-intensity aerobic, and strength activity as small but statistically significant (p<.001) contributing factors to account for variances in stress levels. When demographic variables were considered, general health was found as the greatest contributing factor for stress. The dissertation study concluded that participation in either aerobic or strength activity was associated with reduced stress in the cohort, and general health may be an important factor to predict stress levels. The results can be disseminated to postsecondary institutions and their students to inform and develop physical activity programs to improve general health and reduce stress in postsecondary students.


Other Medicine and Health Sciences


College, Exercise, Physical activity, Stress, Undergraduate, University

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