A Pilot Mentoring Program For Asthma Educators

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Mentoring is a vital component required to train health care professionals about their chosen fields. Disseminating knowledge and supporting the development of professional confidence has been demonstrated through mentorship programs. A 2009 review in academic medicine indicated the best mentee outcomes occurred when teachers were able to allocate the necessary time and interpersonal skill training to students (Sambunjak, Straus & Marusic, 2009). Individual change involves gaining of new ideas and behavior largely through observation and modeling of others. Despite the increased prevalence of chronic illnesses in the United States, there has not been substantial growth in mentoring professional healthcare organize that manage these chronic diseases.

The Association of Asthma Educators (AAE) has recognized the vast impact of mentorship. The mission of this inter-professional organization is to train healthcare professionals how to use evidence based approaches of asthma education when working with family impacted by asthma. The organization is composed of a core group of senior level asthma educators who have been implementing asthma education in clinical and community practice for many years as well as a group of asthma educators who are new to the profession. Given these two groups of members, the leadership for the AAE proposed a pilot-mentoring project be developed to increase membership engagement and improve asthma outcomes.


Medicine and Health Sciences


Mentoring, Health Care, Mentorship Programs, Interpersonal Skill, Observation, Modeling, Chronic Illnesses

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