Narrative Analysis

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Narrative Analysis

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Diving Deep into Qualitative Data Analysis in Communication Disorders Research


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Book Chapter


Rena Lyons, Lindy McAllister, Clare Carroll, Deborah Hersh, and Jemma Skeat


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Qualitative research enriches the field of communication disorders because it has the potential to explore client experience and clinician expertise, so crucial in evidence-based practice, and complements the knowledge gained using quantitative methods.

This book extends the foundational knowledge provided in Qualitative Research in Communication Disorders (2019) by going deeper into data analysis methods. Contributions from researchers worldwide will explain and illustrate, through case studies, various qualitative data analysis methods. Well established, commonly-used data analysis methods are included, as well as new and innovative methods emerging in other disciplines which have great applicability to speech and language therapy research. As well as describing and illustrating analysis methods, the book will describe how to achieve rigour in using the various methods of data analysis. There will also be discussion on ways in which qualitative analysis lends itself not only to research but also quality improvement and evaluations in clinical practice.



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J&R Press


Communication Sciences and Disorders | Medicine and Health Sciences | Speech Pathology and Audiology

Narrative Analysis
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