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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing Education

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Patricia W. Dittman

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Nova Southeastern University


This quantitative, retrospective, multivariate, non-experimental study examined the first-time performance of 2,673 academic nurse educators who took the CNE examination between September 28, 2005 and September 30, 2011. Post-positivism and Abbott's system of the professions theory served as the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of this original research which attempted to determine if a relationship existed between educational preparation or years of full-time faculty employment (independent variables) and first-time pass/fail performance on the CNE examination and in each of content areas (dependent variables). The Chi-square test of independence revealed the lack of a statistically significant relationship between educational preparation and first-time pass/fail performance on the CNE examination. Independent t-tests revealed a statistically significant relationship between Option B study participants and content area three (use assessment and evaluation strategies), (t[2,671] = -2.20, p = .03); four (participate in curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes), (t[2,671] = -2.06, p = .04); and six (engage in scholarship, service, and leadership), (t[2,671] = -2.34, p = .02). Binary logistic regression revealed that a one year increase in full-time employment resulted in a 1.05 times greater likelihood of passing the CNE examination (OR = 1.05; 95% CI 1.03, 1.06; p = .00). Last, simple linear regression revealed that years of full-time faculty employment contributed to 3.2% of the variability within content area four, 2.8% within content area six, and 2.1% within content area three. The results of this study provide insight about faculty development and mentoring needs, present evidence to policy makers and nursing education leaders, and offer guidance to curricula developers.




Health and environmental sciences, Education, Certification programs, Certified nurse educators, Nursing education, Nursing faculty



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