Organize Your Way to Classroom Success: Real-life help for the Overwhelmed Professor"


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Organize your way to classroom success: Real-life help for the overwhelmed professor There is no magic wand available to make a professor instantly skillful in the myriad competencies that successful teaching requires. Have a problem with deadlines? That deficiency will haunt you at multiple points throughout a semester, making you anxious and your students cranky. Can’t keep track of files? You will have to do work over again to replace what you can’t find. Don’t like confrontation and emotional scenes? You will have to develop some way of coping with the weeping, angry, my-life-is-over-if-I-don’t-pass-your-class students who are looking to you to guide them through your course. In short, every personal deficiency you may have been able to skirt in your pre-professorial life will become magnified in your role as a professor. There is no magic wand, but there is sound advice from someone who has worked through many obstacles and continues to get better. What we will cover in this session: •Organizing your physical space, organizing your computer files, organizing your commitments, organizing your course. •Managing time to allow you to stay at least a week ahead of your students without staying up all night. •Learning how to work within your institution—make the bureaucracy work for you; take advantage of whatever faculty support systems are in place. •Staying on top of all the paper that threatens to overwhelm you—assignments to grade, memos to process, reading for your profession. You will leave this lecture with an organization checklist you can start to use on the plane ride home, already mentally preparing for classes.



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