Creating education practice and partnerships to promote quality patient care: A collaborative effort between Baptist Health South Florida and Nova Southeastern University


Nursing Consortium of South Florida


Davie, Florida

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The purpose of this poster is to describe the collaborative and innovative partnership between education and practice. This poster will also emphasize the need in increasing the number of nurses entering the field, the importance of providing qualified faculty, and promoting a seamless transition from nursing student to registered professional nurse. It will also provide insight into the history of partnership between a large health care system and a large private university in South Florida. As per current recommendations by the Institute of Medicine, 80% of all direct care nurses should hold a Baccalaureate degree. The shortage of qualified nurses has proven to increase the chances of medical errors, which is why the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), as well as the National League for Nursing (NLN) have called for changes in the way nurses are educated. There is a sense of true urgency in providing student nurses with the proper knowledge and skills necessary to perform safely and efficiently. The collaborative process between academia and health care systems is essential for developing the proper environment in which nursing students can learn to be effective, safe, and successful health care providers. This will be demonstrated in the poster as the selection process of new students for Nova Southeastern University and selection criteria for Baptist Health Scholarships. The educational process will also be discussed, along with the transition into a residency program. It has been recognized that partnerships between academia and health care systems allows for collaborative processes which lead to delivery of safe nursing care. A partnership is also instrumental in addressing current evidence-based practice and applying it to academia. And, can help develop graduate students who are able to understand the role of the registered nurse and can function as a member of an inter-professional team. This poster is an excellent demonstration of how effortless two separate organizations, one with a focus on health care delivery and the other with a focus on academia, can work together to achieve common goals.



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