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The Dancer as Mystic

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The subjects of dance and mysticism are enormous in scope and to present any definitive analysis in a paper, when I know that this is my life's work, would be rather brazen of me; however, I am interested in forging a union between these two realms. Artist and mystic Robert Henri believed as I do that, “[t]he object which is in back of every true work of art is the attainment of a state of being; a state of high functioning, a more than ordinary moment of existence. It is that “more than ordinary moment of existence” that is revelatory and compelling to us both as artists and human beings. These states out of the ordinary consciousness, I believe are available to both artists and mystics. Let me also say that the subject of mysticism-even the subject of the muse or divine inspiration-is baffling and individual. Words do not serve the experience. However, it is my wish to discuss the similarities between the mystic state and the realm of creativity in dance and address their compatibility. In fact, this creative process is a mystery for all the arts and it is unique and personal.


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